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Open space

Land Trust in Homestead and throughout Marin

Homestead Valley offers many unique amenities right in your own backyard. Take advantage of these neighborhood benefits to truly enhance your lifestyle. The scenic and recreational treasure of Homestead's Land Trust began in 1971 aided by visionaries Geoff Barrett, Mike Cann, Al Wuthnow and many other Homesteaders. Today neighbors can contribute by joining the board or on periodic work days to maintain trails by helping control invasive species. Enjoy this wonderful gift from earlier residents. Enjoy the hiking trails with a Homestead Trail Map.


Creeks running through Homestead Valley are one of the special things about it. A Homestead neighbor contributed

Fish-Friendly Guide to teach us about creek setbacks and what we can do to help protect salmon populations.


In addition to Marin County's 34 open space preserves totaling 16,000 acres, many thousands of additional acres are owned by neighboring city, special district, state, and federal jurisdictions, with treasures such as Muir Woods. State Parks include Angel Island, China Camp, Mt. Tam, Samuel P Taylor, Tomales Bay, Olompali Historic Park and Heart’s Desire Beach state parks. With natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and ideal weather Marin is a destination for hiking, bird-watching, running, biking, surfing, sailing, kayaking, and horseback riding.


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